Welcome to King art

Since the foundation in 2003 we have focused on the manufacturing of decoration items, made of wood, metal and paper – in combination with fabrics.

Throughout the years we have invested in research and technology, enlarging our production premises.

Today, with more than 13.000 sq.m. production area and about 100 employees – we belong to the leading manufacturers of decoration items, based on a high quality standard

With an annual turnover of more than 5 million USD Europe belongs to our main market.


The foundation in 2003


More than 13.000 sq.m. production area


About 100 employees


An annual turnover of more than 5 million USD

In our trend-collections


We show innovative seasonal decoration ideas, as well as home-decor in a color-coordinated way.

We would like to invite you to visit our showroon ( open all year ) to experience the actual color trends.

Each year we attend

the following fairs



Jinhan Fair

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